Everything to know about nursing home MAR

Verify A Pharmacy In Remote Areas

A patient’s medication history is essential to their everlasting care/medical record. It is a medication administration record (MARS), often a chart or table. A MAR is a mandatory legal necessity for all care and nursing facilities, especially those with many employees and residents. Know more about: nursing home MAR.

Recent New Ways of Using The MAR:

In addition to improving efficiency and streamlining processes, MARs will lower the potential for medical mistakes inside the hospital, safeguarding both residents and staff. Nevertheless, due to technological advancements, several different MARs are now available.

What “paper MAR” means is self-explanatory: it refers to the practice of keeping medical records on paper. The resident’s medical history, medication supply, and dosage information must be recorded. An older method is prone to inefficiency and drug mistakes because of its inherent complexity.

Only a few benefits remain for paper MARs in the current age. Nonetheless, new employees may quickly learn and adapt to paper-based processes. When passing along the information to loved ones or medical staff, having the original documents on hand might be helpful. There is no need for the care staff to worry about system downtime or upkeep.

Verify A Pharmacy In Remote Areas

Things To Know Before Using Nursing Homes:

While MAR charts provide a wealth of information, it is not dynamic. It would be best to determine whether your prescription is running low or will be late. It doesn’t guide what to record, and it can’t detect typos made by humans. Yet a MAR chart might be a pain to use if you need the data fast. To determine, for instance, how long a patient has been on a particular medication, you’ll need to collect and count both pills and signatures.

In addition to illegible handwriting, the MAR chart might become incomplete when staff members forget to submit information or record a portion of it. Audits may be complicated, but the next person or people administering the medications might need clarification.


In addition to being bad for the environment and the budget, paper-based solutions need frequent paper restocking by the care facility. Last but not least, it takes time to figure out how much medication is in stock and collecting the relevant data from paper records is much more of a hassle.