The Unprecedented Rise in the Value of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most outstanding cryptocurrencies ever. Its rise in value above every other cryptocurrency should not be surprising considering the fact that it came here before any of them.  It has come a long way and has become a globally accepted means of exchange. Many governments have resisted bitcoin and some have even banned bitcoin transactions in their countries. However, many of them are rescinding their decisions and accepting bitcoin even more. This is one of the many factors that make bitcoin to rise in value in recent times. Even the bitcoin price graph bears witness to its unprecedented rise in value and there are more indications that bitcoin will still rise beyond where it is today in the future.

A little bit of its history

bitcoin price graph

A lot is already known about bitcoin, but there are still some grey areas. For example, we all know that bitcoin started in 2019, January 3rd to be precise. However, one thing no one knows specifically is the creator of bitcoin. The only information available about this is that the name of the creator is Satoshi Nakamoto. No one knows the identity of this entity to date. Be that as it may, the value of bitcoin continues to rise as indicated by the Bitcoin price graph.

When bitcoin was released for the general public in 2019, its value was very low.  About two years later, the value of 1 bitcoin stood at $0.30.  Then the value rose beyond all expectations to $19,783.06 in 2017. The value fell after some times, but there are still very strong indications that the value will surpass its previous performance and even reach $50,000, if the word of certain market watchers is anything to go by.  If you want to also make cool money in bitcoin, you can invest in it now before its price hit the roof.