Best Short Layered Haircuts to try out

short haircuts

If you think that short haircuts are boring and monotonous with no style or fashion in them then you are completely wrong. There are tons of variants of short layered hairstyles and you can get a sassy and chic look in any of them. It is not at all masculine and instead you can get a bouncy and girlie feminine look which is more bold and confident. These are some of the haircuts that you must look out for if your choice is a short haircuts.short haircuts

Best short layered haircuts:

These are classic hairstyles and yet looks amazing in style

  1. Short layered bob: This is a short haircut that comes with different layers added to the hairstyle. You can create your own style by coloring or highlighting different layers. This will give a fuller look to the bob style. With more and more textures being added to the layers, you can create a complex style of your own. The basic cut is trendy and then the style depends on your imagination. Even a simple gel or blower can improve the look substantially.
  2. Spiky short layered hairstyle: If you want to get a hip look then the spiky appearance of this hairstyle will suit your short layered cut. It gives a clean and clever layered effect to your short hairs at the bottom and even to long hair. The spiking at the top is quite artistic and this makes the style edgy. It is easy to maintain with a styling gel or spike glue. If you want to give your face a thinner look then this is the perfect style for you.
  3. Short layered cut with a longer front: one of the most popular short haircuts recently is the one with a longer front hair area. The longer layer of hair in the front gives a perfect framing to the face and adds to the fullness. The back-hair layers that are short are easy to maintain and gives a sleek look. If you want to emphasize your face then this is the perfect style to choose.

These are top short layered hairstyles.