Importance of Aircon Servicing and Maintenance

aircon servicing

What’s something that many people do after every 3,000 miles? Either they change the oil, or take their auto to the mechanic and get serviced. It is when the car gets regular maintenance it requires to run smoothly on the road. Just like vehicles, even air conditioners require regular tune-ups, for keeping your home germ free and cool and perform on the peak levels.

Thus, why don’t people think of getting the air conditioners serviced very often? For a lot of people, it is because they think their AC is same as the water heater, washing machine and refrigerator. They think of this as the quiet and household appliance, which works in a background without any attention. For most part it is true, except that just like other appliances, even AC needs special aircon servicing once in a year.

It’s estimated that air conditioner loses around 5% of the efficiency each year if it goes without the tune-up. The reduced efficiency will be felt in temperature of your home. It also can be felt in the pocketbook, particularly when the unit begins to operate constantly and keep your home temperatures cool. Longer these unit runs, more electricity this burns, and more your bill comes every month.

Let us not forget that if an appliance runs continuously, it’s prone to the breakdowns and wear and tear. It makes sense to pay the small fee for servicing and maintenance at least one time in a year from the professional aircon servicing, than pay huge fee for the repairs if your AC. It is also true for the car, as both of them are quite cheaper to maintain it than to repair it.

aircon servicing

The professional aircon servicing generally comes with the warranty for their customer. There’re some discounts that can be put in the contract. Guarantees are the highest that the customers expect from the first-rate company. There is not any foretelling when air conditioner can quit working, and freeze over and stop blowing fresh and cool air. The preventive maintenance can help with all these problems.

Whereas you may be inclined in shying away from an expense of latter option it’s significant to know that it will save you some money in a long run. You need to keep in mind one thing, you may notice decline in the energy bills immediately if you choose to replace your system with the new one.