Day: August 29, 2023

Nubeam Teeth Whitening Product: Before and After Guide

Welcome to the Nubeam Teeth Whitening Before and After Guide! In this guide, we will show you how to visually showcase the whitening effects of the Nubeam review for teeth whitening product by providing photos and descriptions of your teeth before using the product and after a certain period of use. Follow these steps to capture your progress accurately.

Materials Needed

  • Nubeam Teeth Whitening Product
  • Camera or smartphone with a good quality camera
  • Mirror with good lighting
  • Timer (optional)

Before Using Nubeam

  • Choose a well-lit area for your “before” photos. Natural daylight is ideal.
  • Stand in front of the mirror and position your camera or smartphone so that it captures your teeth clearly.
  • Use the timer function or have someone assist you in taking the photos to ensure they are focused and steady.
  • Capture clear and detailed photos of your teeth from different angles, making sure to show any discoloration, stains, or yellowing.

After a Certain Period of Use

  • Start using the Nubeam Teeth Whitening product as directed on the packaging or instructions.
  • Use the product consistently for the recommended period.
  • Take progress photos at regular intervals, such as weekly or bi-weekly, to track the changes in the whitening effects.
  • Use the same setup as in the “before” photos: good lighting, mirror, camera, and angles.
  • Capture close-up shots of your teeth, ensuring the lighting is consistent with the “before” photos.


Capturing the After Photos

  • After the designated period of using Nubeam, stand in front of the mirror again with your camera ready.
  • Position your camera to capture your teeth from the same angles as the “before” photos.
  • Take clear and well-focused photos that showcase the improvements in the color and appearance of your teeth.

Comparing Before and After

  • Transfer your “before” and “after” photos to your computer for a side-by-side comparison.
  • Create a visual collage or simply place the photos next to each other in an image editing software.
  • Highlight the differences between the “before” and “after” photos, emphasizing the whitening effects of Nubeam.

Sharing Your Results

  • If you’re comfortable, share your before-and-after photos on social media or with friends and family to showcase the effectiveness of Nubeam.
  • Provide a brief caption describing your experience and the time period over which you used the product.
  • Tag Nubeam’s official social media accounts if applicable.


Congratulations on completing the Nubeam reviewTeeth Whitening Before and After Guide! By following these steps and capturing accurate photos, you’ll be able to visually demonstrate the whitening effects of the Nubeam product. Remember to use consistent lighting and angles for the most accurate comparison. Enjoy your brighter and whiter smile!