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Important Factors In Rental Property Investment

If you retire or get a huge jackpot of money, you always look for possible ways to invest them with hopes of high return down the lane and real estate is an alluring field in such situations. Though many people are not fond of becoming a landlord or landlady and to manage with the cumbersome process of property management, they still consider owning rental properties as a steady way of income. So, it is essential to understand the risks associated with the process from people like nicki zvik developer and expert in real estate sector.nicki zvik developer

Before buying a rental property

Due diligence is a must have before investing in a rental property. It means investing in the right property in the right location where there are lot of work places, schools, colleges and hospitals; areas with right tenant demographic data where people pay rents on time; areas with less crime rates. Also, it is good to look at more number of properties before finalising to get the best out there. An investor who wants to get a rental property should first get a basic knowledge of taxes, insurance, vacancy rate, property management fees, repair and maintenance projections, utility bills like electricity, capital expenditures, Net operating Income (NOI), cash-on-cash (COI), capitalisation rate, etc. This knowledge is essential for them to run over the total value in their minds before making a decision. Also, it is a good practice to run through the approvals and certificates associated with the property to ensure security.

What decides your profit?

Profitability of rental properties depends on several factors like cost of property, which influence both monthly debt service and capital gain during flipping. Financing is another major criterion that impact free cash flow and can cause interruptions in any of the process.  While financial models allow the investor to see cash flow, the market only will decide upon the lease rates. The operating and maintenance costs of a property cannot be taken lightly and it should be included while planning the cash flow. There are online tools nowadays to calculate the cash flow and capital gain for rental properties and can be useful for new investors.

How to Start a Successful Retail Business in Cambodia

Starting up a retail business is not an easy thing, as the business owner has to do some preparations. From choosing the products that you want to sell to getting the required permits for the business, you need to undergo a lot of tasks as well as homework. The most important thing is to find a good place for starting up the retail store. Ideally, a shopping mall could be the best place to start with your retail business. In Cambodia, commercial real estate industry is growing and thus many highly sophisticated shopping malls are constructed. The retail business owners can choose to find a shop at Peak Cambodia on rent.

shopping malls

Choosing the Products for Selling

The first and foremost thing is to choose the right products for selling. A business is recognized by the products that it sells. If they are good, business is expected to become popular among the buyers. If products are not good, popularity will decline gradually. Before you start your retail business in Cambodia, you must choose the right products carefully. Choosing products is also a factor that depends upon local demand. If people are not aware of certain products or they do not need the products, your retail business would suffer losses due to low sales figure.

Choosing the Place for Setting up Store

Peak Cambodia, a new retail shopping mall in Cambodia, can be the perfect destination for retail business owners if they want to setup their businesses. This upcoming shopping mall is considered as one of the biggest retail shopping malls in Cambodia. It is poised with a lot of predesigned stores and business owners can get them on rent. The renting amount is affordable. The best thing is that having a retail store at this place will magnetize a lot of potential customers. As a result, sales will increase and profitability will escalate as well.

Apart from these two important factors, a lot of other factors are there. All those factors are required to be analyzed before finalizing the deal of renting retail store. It is a tactical decision and it should be managed with precision.

Choosing the right builder to invest your earnings

Real estate is the booming industry always. People invest in the lands and buildings. Whenever they have a handsome of money they are ready to invest it. Every person wants to invest there in the booming industry. So that they can get more returns in the future. When compared to other industries investing in land and building will give them the highest returns. The investors should select the builder very carefully before investing. Every person has a desire to purchase or build a dream house. Nowadays many people prefer apartments for many reasons. City walk building 19 are located in secluded part of city walk development.

Benefits of buying an apartment

The city walk development group provides world-class amenities. They provide round the clock security, fitness centre and podium level pool. They offer unfurnished houses and also penthouses. When we think of buying an apartment there are certain things that had to be taken into account.All those criteria are fulfilled by city walk building 19. But there are certain benefits of buying an apartment.

  • The environment will be safe, calm and peaceful. As they provide 24/7 security.
  • We need not go out for workouts, walking and so on. As they provide all the facilities on the campus.
  • We get to interact with many people and we live with all types of people.
  • Children get a wide friends circle and they build up the quality of togetherness.
  • The main benefit of buying an apartment is our budget. Nowadays buying an individual house is very costly. So when we buy an apartment is comes with our budget.
  • When we buy an apartment as an investment. Then, in that case, we get more rent.

So buying an apartment is always the best decision. We get so many benefits from this and which in turn gives us a calm and peaceful life.


Important Tips to Choosing the Best Realtor

Buying or selling a property is always an important decision to be undertaken. But going solo with the process could be a tedious and time consuming process. You might be able to save significantly on the agent commission but the other costs combined could prove to be costly in the long run. Therefore hiring an agent always helps in more than one way. But the process of hiring is also a time consuming job. There are many websites that offer a consolidated list of realtors which more or less is like a database.  Choosing a realtor becomes easy when you have all the choices at a single place. Now how do you choose the best out of the many available options?

The following checklist will help you make an informed choice.

  1. Choosing the right realtor can make all the difference therefore choose the one with a good amount of past experience. Ask about their previous deals and the also how long they have been licensed.
  2. Generally people go in for friends, co-workers or relative referrals. But it is always advisable to look for databases online. These have list of realtors sometimes segregated according to the geographical locations as well.
  3. While choosing a realtor make sure that you quote your range with which you are looking for your property. If your budget is a medium range one then a realtor dealing in high end properties might not be able to help you much. Also discuss about the kind of property that you are looking for. Always choose the realtor based on your choice of a commercial and residential property as both require different kinds of expertise.
  4. To differentiate between the commercial and residential realtors one can look for their credentials. Certified Residential Specialist is an expert in handling residential real estate. Accredited Buyer’s Representative is someone who represents buyers in the transaction.
  5. Before finalising look for reviews and also some of his current listings on various websites. This will help in knowing about their area of expertise and also indicate the health of their business.

Once you have made a decision on a particular realtor make sure that you interview a few candidates to make the right choice. If possible in case if you are buying then visit a few houses to see the agents in action. By doing so you can get a fair idea on how swiftly the realtor manages his dealings.