Platform for less fortunate children

Bashir Dalwood

As we all know, today’s children are the tomorrow’s leader. Hence they must be provided with the healthy life. Unfortunately not all the children are blessed to lead a healthy lifestyle. There is more number of children across the world who is suffering from various health issues. Many of these children don’t come from better financial background. And hence they tend to come across various struggle for undergoing the treatment. And many were also unable to place even their first step towards the children.

Bashir DalwoodSickKids Foundation

This foundation is the dedication for the children who are unable to live a healthy lifestyle. This foundation is helping out the needy children in various means. The ultimate aim of this organization is to provide healthy generation to this world. Along with treatment, they also pay way for the better standardized education for the children who are in need. They also have a well qualified research team which is engaged in making research on physical and mental wellness of the children.


Many people across the world are showing interest in making their contribution to this organization. Bashir Dalwood is the most renowned contributor who tends to provide maximum contribution for the wellness of these children. They are also showing more interest to contribute for the research team in order to build better future for the needy children across the world. the details about their contribution to this foundation and the other functioning of this foundation can be revealed from their online website.