Optimal heavy duty slide for soft close cabinets.

Best drawer slide options

The soft-close heavy duty slide rails are equipped with high-quality shock absorbers to prevent strong impact when closing the drawer. It also includes springs to help smoothly return to the drawer cabinet. Providing a fully deployed slide is very convenient as it makes it easy to view and access all of the drawer content. For more information on how to choose the best drawer slides for your next kitchen and bathroom DIY project, see:

Loading capacity

The weight that a drawer slides can support is one of the way to assess it’s quality. The higher is the load capacity, the higher the quality. Heavy load slides are stronger and highly durable than slides that are not very heavy. The bottom and side mounting styles of some drawer slides, such as central and European installations, have a lower load capacity. The better drawer slide require at least 75 pound of capacities. The sturdy product is expensive, but the standard option have a maximum load of 100 pounds.

Waterproof function

Few of metal slide are coated with chemicals that prevent rusts and corrosions. Although stainless steels are design to prevent corrosion, corrosion of other type of steels has become easy when expose to the moisture. It is not uncommon in kitchen and bathroom. Anti-rusted coated can extend the life’s of ordinary drawer slides in high-quality slide.


Metal drawers haveheavy duty slide rails are equipped with nylon roller or metal balls bearing. Drawer slide with plastic as well as nylon roller (like European’s roller slide) is generally less expensive. They are a better choice for drawer that don’t need to support a ton of weight. Some of them are design to close drawers automatically. Slide with balls bearing is generally more robust and more muscular. Most soft-close and self-closing drawer are equipped with ball’s-bearing mechanism.