Specialty of Butter Durain Fruit

king of king durian

Butter King  Durain is very sweet and it looks softer and buttery with the yummy taste. The best part is when it is turn yellow the flesh is eaten. Moreover it has the greatest aroma once you add an more dimension to the sweetness the flesh turns bitter.

As we all know the butter durian  is the king of fruits . Having said that for every empire ruler is must and whenever we think about Durain the first thing we think about is MSW Durain. because of its juicy flesh, its taste with the bitter sweetness and best part is the small seeds which is the hot cake for the Durain lovers and most of the time chefs love it. In Singapore .we can find MSW durian in most of the  desserts . Most of the shops in Singapore they sell at affordable price with the fresh stock and also the frozen Durains at reasonable prices.

king of king durian

It is also called and said to be one of the best and richest Durain and butter king Durain is one of the best and unique varieties which has been origin from tarantella and Pahang. It looks light green in colour and shaped in triangle thorns and it is  differentiated by the patch which is bald star which is found at the base of the fruit.

Best part of Butter King  Durain its uniqueness because of its butter like creamy texture which is yellow in colour and important point to be noted is flesh of Butter   Durain as it is the mixture of sweetness and bitter  that is one of the reasons everyone is mostly fond of

And Durain is unique and well known because of its yummy taste you can also find this in the desserts like Ice creams cake and so much more