Spotify Promotion Service- a Blessing in Disguise

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Spotify is a world-famous music cum podcasts streaming app which provides music and podcasts from various record labels and media companies. It’s a free app available in all app stores in which basic features of streaming are free along with ads and sometimes automatic music videos. In purchase of a paid subscription called Spotify Premium, ads are eliminated and there are more improved streaming settings.

buy spotify plays

So what kind of music is available on Spotify?

Spotify provides almost all types of music from all over the world. Unlike other music apps which provide music of only renowned media companies or record labels, Spotify provides and promotes music of all sorts, coming from any record labels or maybe even sometimes individual songs too.

Now how does Spotify promotion service works?

Musicians around the globe are recommended to purchase Spotify promotion services for boosting their success in the market. Spotify promotion services are services where a musician gets his song promoted and well reached to the public on payment of some amount of money. If a song is reached out to the people, the song will be listened to. The more a song is listened to, the more it earns or gets famous.

This promotion service is done by many companies like MusicPromotionCorp, Playlist Promotion, Ditto Music etc. These companies do the following things:

  • They put up the song on a popular playlist, to which the song is related to and wait for the people to listen and give the musician views
  • They put the song in ads. A user might get interested to hear the song when he/she looks at it constantly appearing in the ads
  • They may increase followers, sometimes even fake followers which will in turn increase listeners to the music
  • They may increase just plays of the music which will help keep the music track high on the playlist.

Another top Spotify promotion service is done by a company named Streamify LLC. Streamify streams the top songs of the playlists;thus, it increases listeners to the song. This company also sells streams of a particular song to the music distributor. Musicians can earn if their song is streamed more. So, they buy streams.Streamify makes sure that the song is streamed exactly for the number of times it is paid for.


Though Spotify has multiple fraud detection measures, it still fails to detect all frauds. Many times, there are cases wherefake music is put up on the playlists and streams to get a high number of plays through Spotify promotion services. Fake artists misuse these promotion services for their benefits.

This is one of the major drawbacks of Spotify promotion services. The Spotify team along with the Spotify promotion service providers are working hard to eliminate such frauds and to keep the spirit and faith of genuine artists on Spotify promotion services intact.