Cream to create confidence by the Korean sisters who bagged the biggest deal on the shark tank reality show is the talk of the town not only in Hollywood but across the world. Results bring belief.  In 14 days the much-desired results for a far-reaching benefit are obtained from Glovella cream.   Obtaining venture capital from the Emmy award-winning shark tank reality show is enough proof of the quality and effectiveness of the cream.  Shark tank running successfully on its 8th year has helped more entrepreneurs across the US and the world.  Winning the last 4 years Emmy awards it has maintained its tempo on encouraging new business ideas and making the dream come true for most of its believers.   The miracle cream tested on one of its employees has proven it right.  In straight 14 days, the signs of aging on that employee were totally taken care of.  The 53-year-old employee looks like 30 years old.  The shark tank face cream has proved its worth is now believed and used by a lot of people.

  • Hollywood secret :

      Glovella anti-aging cream was a closed secret of Hollywood dermatologists.  This long kept secret was exposed by Jennifer a mother of four and aged 63 years became the standing proof and an authentication of the Glovella cream. After using the cream for 14 days she looked 20 years younger.

      The tedious cosmetic surgery and the use of botox were not necessary for the all famous Hollywood stars after using the glovella anti-aging cream.

  • Qusome and proprietory biosphere :

      The deadly combination of qusome and proprietory biosphere in the cream enables it to give the miracle change.  Qusome is awesome as it attaches to moisture easily and can hold 1000 times of its weight in water.

    The proprietary biosphere is absorbed well into the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin and produces collagen the much-needed protein for a glowing skin to look lot younger.

  • Hollywood and Harvard :

       Hollywood dermatologists and doctors together with Harvard research have confirmed that the combination of qusome and proprietory biosphere is the best available for defying the aging process.  In the case study of 2016 where it is confirmed that 70 % of wrinkles have been removed by this cream.

     Shark tank face cream which won the biggest deal of 250 million dollars by all the 5 sharks of the show is the gift and boon to women aged above 30 years.