Best-Selling Vape Flavors

Add Some Flavor to Your Vapes

A good flavor is something that is enjoyed by all and sundry. Starting from food, cosmetic products such as lip balms to anything you can think of. Anything flavored turns out to be a bomb in the market, attracts more and sells more than any average product and believe it or not, flavored vapes is a craze among vapers in the recent times. Why should everybody else have the fun? You get flavored vodka, gin, wine and even cigarettes, so why not vape juice flavors, right?

 Vaping is inhaling and exhaling water vapour that is produced by and electronic cigarette. They are also known as vaporizer pens and aim to provide you with a safer, tobacco free smoking experience. They are battery operated and works by vaporizing liquid nicotine through a heating element called a vaporizer. Some of them are also nicotine free as per the user’s preference. These mainly use waxes, cannabis oils and dry herbs. However, you will want to buy a few bottles of e-liquid after purchasing your vape. One bottle of e-liquid commonly known as juice equates to a carton of cigarettes.

As mentioned, like everything else, vapes also come in various flavors to make your vaping experience even more enjoyable. Some of the best vape juices flavors include:-

  • Fruit flavor: Fruit flavors sell the most because they are easy to come by. Fruit flavored vape juices are greatly preferred because of the wide range of variety. Starting from the very common ones like strawberry, watermelon, berries, blue berries to rare flavors like blue raspberry, you will find them all.
  • Candy flavor: Who doesn’t love a good candy? People of all ages enjoy candies and what’s better than vaping a candy flavored vape? These candy flavored vapes come in all various types like hard candy, chewy candy, fruity pebbles and the like.
  • Ice cream flavor: A good ice cream directly means a good day. Ice cream is a universally loved dessert. Infusing it in your vape is all the more better.
  • Milkshake flavor: Admit it. Once in your lifetime, you have enjoyed a nice cool milkshake on a hot summer day. Relive your milkshake-loving days with the milkshake flavor vape.
  • Slushy flavor: Slushy flavor is one of the best vape flavors to choose from. Rejuvenate your senses with this flavor and embrace it’s deliciousness.