All that you need to know about synthetic urine

synthetic urine

This is what our generation was missing and now we have it! The quick fix urine is here to assist you in all kinds of medical tests and also the best partner during a dry sexual activity. It is one of the best things that comes to your mind, when you need to pass a drug test and not let the examiners know that something fishy is going around. It comes in a packed bottle and has all the instructions that you will be needing. In this article, you will be getting information regarding all your queries related to synthetic urine.

synthetic urineSynthetic urine is basically designed in a laboratory and instead of taking samples of real urine generated from humans, it is made in the labs using certain chemical formula in such a way and it fulfills the requirement of an original urine sample. It is made by keeping in mind the PH levels of urine the temperature strip as well and it can be used for prank purposes as well. The bottle that contains the substance is really easy to use as well because of the flip flop opening that it sports. It cannot be heated in a microwave as under tremendous heat, it can be diluted and the purposes of making the urine will be wasted.

This factor is provided in the guide book as well and users should be keeping this fact in mind. The laboratory that is managing all this goes by the name of Spectrum labs and they have found the quick fix for fixing this situation. The urine sample contains a specific amount of gravity, urea, creatinine, etc that makes it look like a normal urine sample. The pee sample will be suitable for both male and female usage as it is made to replicate the pee sample of both men and women. The urine is toxin free and because of the procedures applied in the laboratory in making it, it is found that the sample is quite cleaner and fresher as well and serves a much better purpose as well.

The urine is not for internal use and it is recommended that no one uses the urine for internal purposes as it is made in a lab and any kind of chemical imbalance might make it worse. The urine serves the purposes of an animal repellent as well.