Everything You Should Know About The Mass Mutual Centre In Massachusetts

Massmutual center

Massmutual center

Boasting a capacity of 8,000+ and multiple amenities that most venues would kill for. The former Springfield Centre also knows as mass mutual centre is located in the highly coveted area of Massachusetts, which is also home to multiple universities reputed worldwide. ThisĀ MassMutual Center is a landmark in itself and has multiple benefits, not to mention is extremely popular among both locals and foreigners. But what is the reason behind this? If this is just another building with few amenities then why is everyone going gaga over it and why do people do not mind waiting over an year for it’s reservation? Let us decode this in this article

What’s so special about the mass mutual centre located in Massachusetts?

Before we dive into it’s features, let us understand some of it’s history. This mmc was controlled and operated by the city of Springfields along with few other management groups until the year 1997. It was after this that the city transferred ownership officially to Massachusetts legislature. However even this was short lived. Finally the official workings was handed over to the Massachusetts convention centre authority, which is also known as the MCCA. It was then that plans to renovate and make the convention centre what it is today, began. The renovation work lasted for over 2 years and upgraded the convention centre to include 8000 seats which is it’s major selling point. While this was a major part of the renovations, it was not the only selling point. The total renovations cost amounted to slightly above 10 million dollars. If it’s value is estimated in today’s terms, it would be slight above 66.7 million dollars. Many famous architects worked on both, it’s initial establishment as well as it’s renovation. Needless to say they went home with a hefty fee.

Today the mass mutual convention centre is not only used as a venue for events but is prime focus point of Massachusetts itself. Any event held here is automatically considered important and anyone who visits Massachusetts is recommended to be sure to visit this convention centre. It is more than a building, it is an experience in itself.